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Wireless EPABX, Wireless Multi Channel Intercom systems: You can dial and communicate between all extensions up to 16 intercoms. Each of the intercoms have two digits number like 11, 12, 13 etc. For using lift hand set, hear the dial tone and then dial required intercom number, then dialed intercom will ring and you can hear the ring back tone, when the person lift the hand set you can communicate. Each intercoms are using different frequency and deferent security code with frequency multiplexing technology. So you can communicate 8 pairs at a time without cross taking or mingling. Also transfer telephone call with dialing facility (optional). Range up to 200M without any cabling on same electrical phase, range up to 2KM on separate single pair parallel cabling.
Ideal for :  Multistory Building, Apartments, Multistory house, Lodges,  Houses to Shops, Houses to Offices, Shops to Godown, Hospitals, Banks, Factories, etc.  Price for each one Rs 2350.00,  USD 58.00 
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Features :
  Fully digital wireless Operation   Works on 110V or 230V AC power line  Up to 16 lines   FM technology   No Central exchange  Extension to extension call   Direct out  ward  dialing    Call transfer   Call pick up   Extension privacy Round robin facility  Music on hold  Local, STD, ISD, restriction  Pulse tone dialing   Automatic resetting system No site programming No programs wash out Third party calling indication   feather touch keypad  Different channel and  Different security code  Both way communication  Original ring back tone  Both party ring cut off system    Light weight hand set   No mechanical switch (hook switch) Simple operation  Easy Installation

6 Handset Wireless Intercom EPABX

The W1+6 wireless intercoms phone is TDMA technology with up to 6 handset full functionality like intercommunication between handset and telephone connectivity with out any wire connection. range up to 50m in indoor and 300m on open area. Call transferring and call pickup facility. And excellent features such as backlit LCD display, 50 name and number directory, 12 hours talk time, 240 hours standby, caller identification, adjustable ringer melody, time and date display, and many more.

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  • Wireless Handset up to 6 phone
  • Navigation Key.
  • Redial Memory, Latest 10.
  • Caller ID Compatibility (Number of logs) 50.
  • Phonebook (Number of Entries)50.
  • Hot Key Dialing (Number of Entries)9.
  • Ringer Melody and tones 14, 6LCD.
  • 14-Seg, 12-digit, 1-line.
  • LCD Backlight.
  • Time and Date Hour and Min.
  • Alarm Time.
  • Phonebook.
  • Key Lock.
  • Any Key Answer 10.
  • Standby Time Ni-MH, 700mA 240 Hours.
  • Talk Time Ni-MH, 700mA 12 Hours.
  • Ringer Volume, 6 steps + off.
  • Ear Receiver Volume 3 steps.
  • Optional Handset.
  • Handset Size (mm) 48 x 32 x 143.
  • Handset weight -120gm including battery.

Technical information:
■ Standard Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication)
■ Full duplex wireless Telecommunications
■ Number of channels: 120 Duplex Channels
■ Frequency range: 1.88 GHz to 1.9 GHz
■ Duplex procedure: TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access)
■ Channel spacing: 1728 kHz
■ Bit rate: 1152 kbit/s
■ Modulation: GFSK (Gaussian Frequency Shift Keying)
■ RF Transmission Power: Approx. 250 mW
■ Voice coding: ADPCM 32 kbit/s
■ Operating rang 50M indoor, 300M open area

 A Year Warranty

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